Over five decades, we have helped entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and families protect their legacies and build their assets sustainably.

Our portfolio advisory and asset management solutions work in a way that suits your goals and investment objectives.

Our three types of investment mandates ensure that we stay focused on what you need:


You delegate all investment decisions to us, and we use our comprehensive investment expertise to work towards the agreed investment strategy.


Benefit from our financial expertise and advice, while staying in full control of your portfolio. We provide you with asset-class-specific advice and recommendations on implementation.

The solutions we bring you are tailored to your own investment objectives.

Execution Only

A seamless, efficient trading solution across multiple asset classes that guarantees you direct access to our product/asset-class specialists.

Our financial infrastructure gives you an efficient, secured and easy access to global markets across asset classes. Your online access to our proprietary CIGP e-Platform lets you monitor and analyse your investments anywhere, anytime.


The investment advice we provide allows entrepreneurs and families to preserve their assets and ensure the prosperity of future generations.

We never take this responsibility lightly. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand exactly how important world-class investment advice is to the creation of legacies and continued success of families across several generations.

A Discretionary Portfolio Management mandate allows us to take care of all your investment decisions for you. Of course, the ultimate choice remains yours, and we build, optimize and monitor your portfolio based on the investment strategy agreed with you.

You’ll never be in the dark; our clear and transparent reporting framework ensures you always know the status and performance of your portfolio.


Bolster your decision making with our expertise and insight.

Our Advisory Portfolio Management mandate keeps you in full control of your portfolio, but we do all the heavy lifting for you. We analyse your situation, objectives and risk appetite and transpose them into actionable investment ideas and recommendations across all asset classes.

We keep you up to date with the latest trends and market developments, and we work with you to decide what actions best work towards your goals.

We regularly review your portfolio and your strategy together with you, ensuring they remain optimized towards you and your objectives.

Execution Only

Seamless and efficient trading across multiple asset classes. Our Execution-Only Management mandate allows you to benefit from all the advantages and flexibility from our global financial infrastructure and digital platforms.

Our product and asset class specialists work with you to create and monitor your portfolio, while our proprietary CIGP ePlatform allows you to review and analyse your investments at any time and from any location.

CIGP’s securities trading services and product shelf include equities, bonds/fixed income, investment funds, ETF, derivatives, FX and structured products.

To learn more about our approach to portfolio management, contact our investment management team today.